North East Regional Special Operations Unit

Operation Bentley

2 North East men have been found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine following the stop of a vehicle in Chester-Le-Street area of County Durham.

In December 2013, Wayne BRUCE was stopped driving a motor vehicle at Plasworth, Chester-Le-Street which was found to contain 2kgs of Cocaine with a street value of £300,000.

Initially both BRUCE and head the this organised crime group Alexanda DOBBING denied any knowledge of the drugs, however, both later pleaded guilty to their part in the conspiracy.

The drugs when examined were found to be 73% pure and were believed to be sold in the County Durham and Northumberland areas.

Detective Inspector Paul Colling from the North East Regional Special Operations Unit said,

 ‘Alexander Dobbing headed this organised crime group directing people such as Wayne Bruce to act as his courier, to transport class 'A' controlled drugs such as cocaine into the north east region from Liverpool. The street value of the two kilos of cocaine is £300,000, clearly showing their level of criminality and the profits involved. However, the greater the profits the greater the risk criminals face when they get caught and we will seek to strip those convicted, of their criminally gained assets.

`Drugs cause misery and organised crime is a serious problem that affects real people. Its impact is seen in our communities every single day. Hopefully todays sentencing will send the right message out to those contemplating entering a life of crime.

`Think twice before you get involved, because when you get caught you risk wasting the best years of your life in prison, with nothing but regrets for you, your family and friends.’


Wayne Bruce

Wayne Bruce

7 Years 6 Months

Alexanda Dobbing

Alexanda Dobbing

3 Years 6 Months

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