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Further Gunnel Subject Sentenced

News / March 21

A man has been sentenced for his part in a series of vishing fraud offences.

Puspinder Singh from Fenham, Newcastle was arrested in September 2015 following his involvement in a large scale money laundering scam.
Singh appeared in court for sentencing on 18/03/2015 and was subsequently sentenced to 16 Months imprisonment after he had admitted his guilt at an earlier hearing.
Mr Duffield prosecuting said: “The Crown doesn’t say this defendant was a principle but he clearly lent himself to a very well organised agreement to defraud substantial sums of money.”
Singh, 27, of Kingsway, Fenham, Newcastle, admitted a money laundering charge in relation to buying items worth thousands from an Apple store in Liverpool and two offences relating to his possession of two mobile phones for use in fraud.
Jailing him for 16 months, Recorder William Lowe QC said: “In essence the fraud involved the obtaining of confidential information from people’s bank accounts, by whatever means.
“The frauds involved persuading people either in organisations, such as solicitors firms, to transfer clients’ accounts, or individuals to transfer their savings or money that funded their business.
The North East Regional Special Operations Unit (NERSOU) has been investigating telephone scammers and fraudulent activity as well as Money Laundering Activity as part of Operation Gunnel.
Dc Jonathan Griffiths said “The sentence is further evidence of how serious the courts view this type of offending regardless of the level at which those involved operate. While Singh was described as a foot soldier he was clearly involved in the organisation of the money laundering and without his involvement in the crimes there would be no outlet for the fraudsters themselves”.


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