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Safe Online Gaming

News / July 20

With the School Holidays now in full-flow, the North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit are supporting GETSAFEONLINE in their week-long campaign to promote safe online gaming.

Get Safe Online (, which is now entering its seventh year, is the UK’s national internet security awareness initiative. A joint partnership between the Government, Ofcom and private sector sponsors from the worlds of technology, communications, retail and finance, the initiative continues to educate, inform and raise awareness of internet security issues to encourage confident, safe use of the internet.

The campaign; aimed at parents, seeks to help parents 'get switched on' to the potential dangers of online gaming, because love it or hate it, chances are your child will be online gaming this summer. Whichever the case, there are a number of risks associated with online gaming, which you can work with your child to try to minmise. In the majority of cases, online gaming is a fun and safe pastime; a way for kids to keep entertained and in many cases, play against and socialise with friends. However, because of the vast number of people playing in the uk and abroad, together with the minimal restrictions involved and the fact that they're not face-to-face, your child cannot be sure what their motives are. These risks include being taken advantage of by strangers with sexual, abusive, fraudulent or other criminal motives.

Head of the Regional Cyber Crime team Detective Inspector Traci McNally said...

“As parents, it’s impossible to know what your children are doing all of the time, particularly when it comes to online gaming where there is a level of obliviousness about the complex digital world kids are entering. In the same way you would warn your kids about the risks of riding a bike or crossing a road, it’s important to educate your children to the security dangers early on so you can feel comfortable knowing they are playing safely, and your children know when to alert someone to anything suspicious. Unfortunately, some people playing these games are not who they say they are but by working together, we can stop these online criminals.”

Visit to get information on how to protect your child online.

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