North East Regional Special Operations Unit

SCAM Alert Vishing Fraud

News / April 13

NERSOU is currently investigating a Fraud Vishing Scam and has produced a flyer to warn members of the public regarding this scam


“Vishing Fraud” typically involves a Fraudster pretending to be bank staff who calls the victim to discuss an urgent security issue. To reassure the victim the Fraudster will often encourage the victim to hang up and call the bank back via the telephone number on the rear of their cash card.

However, UK landline services allow a caller to remain on the line even if a phone is put down on the receiving end. Fraudsters can deceive victims into thinking they are dialling their bank independently, while actually never disconnecting the phone line.

Victims are often asked to disclose answers to security questions and PIN numbers which can be used later to fraudulently access accounts; or told to safeguard their savings by transferring money to ‘Security Accounts’ which are in fact normal accounts controlled by the Fraudsters; or by physically handing over money to accomplices pretending to be couriers. Victims will often be told to lie to genuine bank staff if their actions are questioned at any time, the excuse being that there are corrupt employees at the bank.


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