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Vishing Fraud Sentence

News / January 11

A man has been sentenced for his part in a series of vishing fraud offences.

A man has been sentenced for his part in a series of vishing fraud offences.

Ravi Jaglan, 23, of Dean Road, South Shields, has been jailed for 2year 8 Months for money laundering offences.

 Jaglan helped to launder fraudulently obtained money following calls to victims by the fraudsters claiming to be from their banks , the victims were informed there had been fraudulent activity on their accounts and asked to transfer their funds to secure accounts. Jaglan’s role was one of a Mule who allowed his bank accounts to be used to launder the proceeds of the crimes he did not make the calls himself

The North East Regional Serious Operations Unit (NERSOU) has been investigating telephone scammers and fraudulent activity as well as Money Laundering Activity as part of Operation Gunnel.

Jaglan was arrested in June 2015 as part of the operation and charged in relation to money laundering offences which had seen over £250,000 pass through his personal bank accounts over an 18 month period.

Detective Constable Jon Griffiths, who works for the North East Regional Fraud Team which is part of NERSOU, welcomes the outcome and warns other offenders that police are watching.

DC Griffiths said: "We welcome the sentence today and hope it serves as a warning to others. Jaglan has committed and profited from these malicious crimes. Without the actions of Jaglan those who are committing the frauds themselves would have no outlet. The fraudsters profit by taking advantage of good, trusting, people by faking an authoritative figure, which many people would believe to be genuine”.

This is a crime that is affecting many people  in the North East Region and beyond and we are proactively working  to prevent these and other potential offenders from targeting our communities.

"We would ask everyone to remain vigilant and look out for family, friends and neighbours. If you get a suspicious telephone call and report it to police.

"Banks, police or officials would not ask you to transfer money into another account. If you receive a call of this nature, please contact police."

Advice can be found on the Action Fraud Website.

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